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I’m passionate about the environment, wildlife and travel.  While I travel I like to cook.  However, I soon found packing for the small kitchen in my caravan a constant challenge.   So combining travel experience with my imagination, I came up with a great idea of limiting the pantry to just 30 readily available ingredients.  The result was three cookbooks ‘Caravan Chef 1 & 2’ and ‘The Complete Caravan Chef’.  In these books I show how easy it is to cook over 130 scrumptious meals from these 30 basic ingredients.  I’m delighted to share these recipes and am overwhelmed with the response.  Thank you so very much.

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The great photos in my cookbooks and promos were taken by my loving husband Thom.

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My belief in travelling responsibly and respecting the environment has led me to be a proud recipient of the ‘Travel’n Green Gumnut Award’.

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Thanks to Thom’s directing and editing skills I’m able to share some of my recipes with you on YouTube. 

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